Distance Masters - Frequently Asked Questions


  • We don’t have set minimum requirements. We review each applicant carefully and consider the combination of GPA (with emphasis on chemistry courses), letters of recommendation and the personal statement. We have in the past taken students with deficiencies in one of the above areas who have turned out to be outstanding scientists. We view the collection of materials to arrive at our decision.

Typically, it takes a minimum of three years, as most students will only be taking one course per semester.

Maybe. If the university is reputable and the syllabus clearly identifies the content similarity it may be possible but requires faculty approval.

The application fee can only be paid through the application website. Please check there for payment options.

  • No. We do not require special formatting.
  • However, it is important that the reference be signed and printed on institutional letterhead.

The KU Libraries website has information dedicated to helping students find information. See Pharmaceutical Sciences: Getting Started

For information about the thesis writing process see KU Libraries: KU Thesis and Dissertation Formatting

You will nominate a person at your company to serve as your industrial supervisor. This person should be a senior member of the research staff and should submit a current CV to the program coordinator at pharmchem@ku.edufor approval.

Your industrial supervisor, or a previously designated proctor, will arrange for monitoring of the exams. Please provide contact information for your supervisor if you have not already done so.

You and your industrial supervisor should outline a potential research project which should be publishable and submit it to the department's Graduate Program Director. The Department will then propose a faculty advisor from the Department with research interests in the chosen area. You, your industrial advisor, and the faculty member will then map out a research project that will be submitted for approval.