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Distance Master of Science (M.S.) in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The department's Distance Master's Degree Program features the same high-quality lectures and courses offered in the Ph.D. program.

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Program Overview

Standard KU Graduate Admission Requirements

Students must meet all requirements for Graduate Admissions.


Previous Degree Requirement

Bachelor's degree in chemistry, pharmacy, the biological sciences, material sciences, chemical engineering or related disciplines.

Grade Point Average (GPA)

  • The department does not have a minimum GPA for admissions but it is important that potential applicants have shown mastery of their undergraduate course work, especially those relevant to furthering their education in Pharmaceutical Chemistry.
  • We view each applicant carefully and consider the combination of GPA (with emphasis on chemistry courses), GRE scores, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement.

Applicant Background

  • Incoming students are expected to be competent in basic principles of physical/organic chemistry and mathematics.
  • These requirements are typically satisfied with most degrees in the STEM disciplines.

Tuition Costs

The cost for tuition per semester for the 2020-2021 academic year is $416.20/credit hour + $700/credit hour mediated fee = $1,116.20/credit hour.

Time to Complete

  • Typically, it takes a minimum of three years.
    • Students from industry normally take one course per semester.
    • Students in collaborating academic institutions often take several courses per semester

Location and Site Supervisor

  • Students seeking a Distance Master of Science Degree (M.S.) in Pharmaceutical Chemistry will pursue their degree off-site.
  • This program will allow the industrial scientist or the student at a collaborating institution to remain at their respective venues and earn the M.S. degree under a collaborative academic environment.
  • Students are required to take online courses and, in most cases, work with a supervisor at their site in addition to a thesis advisor at the University of Kansas.
  • The Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry's Distance Master's Program features the same high-quality lectures and courses offered in the Ph.D. program.

Coursework and Research

  • 30 credit hours:
    • 19 - 21 hours of course work
    • 9 - 11 hours of thesis research credit hours
      • A Master of Science-level thesis project will satisfy the 9 - 11 hours of thesis credit research.

See M.S. - Coursework and Research for details about coursework and research requirements for the Distance Master of Science (M.S.) program.


  • Once you have prepared a research proposal that is approved by on-site and distance learning advisors, you will conduct thesis research during the regular semesters and/or during the summer period.
  • A senior staff member at the candidate's off-site location normally provides day-to-day supervision of research.
  • In the unusual circumstance that a thesis project is not feasible, an in-depth literature review of a specific topic of interest to pharmaceutical chemistry, including pharmaceutics, may be chosen as the final project.
  • The review, to be supervised by a faculty member of the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department, will be of such depth and quality to warrant publication in a major pharmaceutical journal.

Thesis Committee

  • The final oral committee will comprise at least three members.
  • At least two members will be from the KU Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry faculty, one of which serves as the committee chairperson, with the final member being the person who provided day-to-day supervision at the research site.


John Stobaugh
Director of Graduate Studies

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Michelle Huslig
Program Coordinator

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