Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

  • Our large faculty with diversified interests coupled with the collaborative nature of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry is an ideal environment for successful learning and research.
  • We set high standards, in both coursework and research to ensure our graduates continue to be highly regarded members of the scientific community.
  • You will work closely with your supervisors to develop your Ph.D. thesis.
  • You will receive a strong background in the physical/chemical sciences as they relate to pharmaceutical research through a comprehensive set of core and coursework offered by the department.
  • We also offer a large number of electives to allow you to tailor your education to your specific area of scientific interest.

Distance Master of Science (M.S.) in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

  • The Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry's Distance Master's Program features the same high-quality lectures and courses offered in the Ph.D. program.
  • This program will allow the industrial scientist or the student at a collaborating institution to remain at their respective venues and earn the M.S. degree under a collaborative academic environment.
  • The quality and impact of the Masters thesis project is something we take very seriously. We expect excellent performance in a rigorous set of core coursework. If you are a highly motivated student, this will not be a significant obstacle to the successful completion of the program.
  • Students from industry normally take one course per semester, while students in collaborating academic institutions often take several courses.
  • Once you have prepared a research proposal that is approved by on-site and distance learning advisors, you will conduct thesis research during the regular semesters and/or during the summer period.
  • Students who complete the program will receive a master's degree from the University of Kansas, and more importantly, develop those skills to help you become an independent research scientist possessing a solid scientific thought process and the confidence to handle any problems you encounter throughout your independent research career.